Automated testing Python Selenium WebDriver

Selenium WebDriver with Python – initial configuration

So, you want to start working with Selenium WebDriver with Python. In this post I will tell you what you need to do at the very beginning. Install Selenium WebDriver In order to be able to call WebDriver methods and classes from your python code you need to install selenium module You can install the…

Automated testing Pytest Python

Build test suite with pytest

Pytest is a framework for running tests written in Python. It is easy to customize the launch of the tests. Let’s see what Pytest has to make it possible. possibility to create you own fixtures built-in fixtures tests parametrization for running same tests with different test data third-party plugins allow you to extend your tests…

Automated testing Python

Python virtual environment with venv

Venv is a python package that allows you to use separate virtual environments for every python project you have. Once activated, it modifies the PATH environment variable with a custom bin directory that is located inside you virtual environment. Why do you need a virtual environment If you work with more than one python project…